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The planet is Agrulith and the year is 1650, the start of the golden age of pirates, and you must make a choice that will effect the entire climate of the game.  Do you want to join the pirates and become one yourself?  Or, do you want to take the side of the Barnsley Navy and fight off the pirates?  Both have their own advantages, and both are after the same thing, the Blue Moon Artefact!


Plunderer's Run is a strategy game much like the old Tradewinds games, but with a lot more action and a lot more at risk!  You assume the role of a Merchant Captain at the start of the game, however, the voyages and choices you make will start to make you either a feared Navy Captain or Pirate Captain.  If you choose to do enough in the game for one side, you will become a Legendary Captain, and will sail the seas looking like one!


  •  Adventure: Do voyages, find new ports, and gossip at the local tavern to find out anything you can about the Blue Moon Artefact and why everyone wants this legendary relic.
  •  Dynamic Endings: Did you decide you want to be a pirate?   Or did you want to be a Navy Captain?  The story is different depending on what kind of Captain you decide to be!
  •  Mutiny System: Are you travelling to ports with barely any food?  Are you not getting gold at a rate your crew would deem efficient?  You better change your strategy or you might just find yourself on an island!  Solve puzzles to escape the island and return to a port.  If you must ask how you got there, you may have had to use your own... back hair?
  •  Randomly Generated and Dynamic Characters: Characters in ports are randomly generated, but have a large impact on the story.  Characters also change while you're playing.  If you've started to become a Pirate Captain and the mayor you have favor with loses an election to a mayor that favors Navy Captains, you might have a big problem on your hands!
  •  Randomly Generated Enemies: Enemies that you encounter are generated from a huge database that we have created to keep the game fresh and to keep you guessing at every corner!
  •  Upgradeable Ships: Every ship in the game is upgradeable.  Choose your upgrades wisely, as each ship has their own maximum amount of upgrade slots and once you have made your choice there is no going back.  Thankfully, the shipbuilders give you plenty of information in advance to help you make the right decision for what you want!
  •  Skilling System: Are you tired of just buying and selling goods between markets?  No worries we have you covered!  You can visit special ports that you find on the map that allow you to gather resources yourself and get the HUGE profit margin you are looking for to buy that new ship or ship upgrade!
  •  Original Hand-Drawn Art:  Each and every icon, pirate, captain, enemy, item, etc. that you see in the game is completely drawn from scratch.  Hours and hours have been poured into creating everything visual about the game stand out, with many more hours to come.  Sure there are some placeholders now, but that will absolutely not be the case when this game is complete.
  •  Build Your Own Port!: When you and your crew start getting enough loot, you can build your own port any way you would like!  So if you want to gather resources, or enjoy the comforts (or chaos) of a Tavern build and name one yourself!

When you first start, you will be a captain with just a small ship, some gold, and no crew.  You'll have to buy and sell goods at the markets in Agrulith, making sure that you make a profit along the way!  You can also do Voyages to get more gold, items, and effect your Captain Rank (this is how you become a Pirate Captain or a Navy Captain).  To get from port to port, you will have to sail some treacherous seas, sometimes you'll encounter pirates, other times you'll encounter denizens of the deep, be careful you don't want to lose your ship!

Once you start getting a grip on your finances, you can buy a new ship, upgrade your current ship, hire new crewmates to help you on your voyages, enjoy a nice brew at a local tavern, or start the construction of your own port!

If you're someone who loves to hoard items and search for ultra rare items, you can build a special Sea Portal.  Here you can fight enemies to your hearts content and try to collect the THOUSANDS of items in the game.  Who knows what kind of forgotten treasures could be found in the portal.

When you are comfortable with the game, it will be time to start exploring the story and lore behind the world of Agrulith.  With voyages scattered throughout, and many story lines to follow on these voyages, you will discover a deep and engaging story that will keep you coming back for more.

The voyages you select, enemies you fight, and ports you frequent will all have an influence on your Captain Rank.  The story will change based on your rank and, if you're not careful, things might get out of hand quickly!

Agrulith - The World of Sea Trading

Agrulith is a large world with several continents to explore.  Ports are scattered throughout each continent, but as the story progresses, other dangerous locations will appear for you to explore.  The game will feature at least 30 locations for you to explore!

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